From the inception of every representation, Film & Ink aims to establish rapport with our clients, with an eye toward learning their goals, concerns, and overall business. The result is that we become an extension of the client, part of their team. Our clients – from leading studios to independent producers to individual talent – can attest that a team relationship tailored to their specific needs and resources leads to effective and efficient legal representation. Let us join your team.



Since its founding in 2005 by Natasha Mandich and Trisha Gum, Film & Ink has guided clients through media’s integration with technology, representing both established studios and technology companies on live action and animated projects for television, theatrical, and digital platforms.  Simultaneously, we furnish general counsel services to growing companies on day-to-day legal matters such as contract review and negotiation, employment issues, and regulatory compliance.  We also advise clients on marketing campaigns, both traditional and in the social media space.  Additionally, we possess a core strength in data privacy issues, an area of particular importance to our consumer-facing clients that collect and use customer data.  

What has allowed Film & Ink to adapt so successfully to the entertainment-technology merger are three key differentiators.  First, the founders envisioned a legal collective that could deliver world-class legal services as part of the client’s team, achieving their goals through compelling advocacy, timely advice, and meticulous drafting. To realize this vision, Natasha and Trisha assembled their own team of highly skilled attorneys who hail from elite law firms and entertainment companies with deep experience in various Practice Areas.  Second, Film & Ink’s culture of collaboration, ethos of mutual respect, and carefully curated team promotes a collegial atmosphere where we genuinely enjoy working with each other.  Last, as a women-owned law firm, diversity is important to us.  We see our diversity as a true strength not only in bolstering our client relationships, but also positively affecting outcomes when dealing with our negotiating counterparties and adversarial parties.

We encourage you to visit our Practice Areas and see if Film & Ink would be a good fit for your team.    



Film & Ink’s attorneys are as passionate as the clients they serve. Bringing a unique combination of in-house studio and large law firm experience to our practice, our lawyers are able to balance the need for practical legal and business solutions to day-to-day problems against more complex projects requiring a longer term commitment. Clients have praised them for their responsiveness, pragmatism, reliability, precision, effective communication, and dedication. Of course, our lawyers could not perform at this level without a professional and well-prepared team of paralegals and assistants.

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Duc Le


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Addison Liu


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Taylor Von Elling

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Steve Vaughan


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Ashley Scott

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Our goal is to facilitate the vision of content creators whether on studio-originated or independent projects. From inception to release, we provide timely legal and business affairs services in all phases of production – from researching a clean chain of title to acquiring rights for development to negotiating production agreements for cast, crew, and producers. Our firm has the studio experience required to solve the inevitable legal emergencies that arise in production.

  • Theatrical, Television, Digital, and Animation Projects

  • Chain of Title Analysis

  • Acquisition of Literary Property

  • Development Agreements

  • Above-the-Line and Below-the-Line Production Agreements

  • Clearances

  • Delivery

  • Derivative Production Analysis for Prequels, Sequels, Remakes, Spinoffs


Our lawyers are experienced in digital and traditional media, and we are well-poised to guide our clients through the legal maze of distribution, regardless of platform. Our firm has negotiated and drafted countless distribution agreements on behalf of major studios and individual producers. We have also facilitated our clients' acquisition of content, from drafting agreements to ensuring proper delivery.


  • Distribution Rights Analysis

  • License Agreements for Worldwide Distribution of Content in Digital and Traditional Media

  • Content Acquisition Agreements, Including Negative Pick-Up Deals   

  • Delivery


We have worked with a spectrum of clients ranging from studios to start-ups on national and regional promotional and marketing campaigns, from initial planning to preparing agreements and successful execution. As the marketplace embraces influencers, we have guided clients through the minefield of social media endorsers, a recent area of FTC interest. Similarly, we have applied our experience in traditional and digital marketing to support tie-ins with other brands, giveaways, discounts, and gift cards. We also raise red flags for clients when promotions might stray into other areas of the law such as intellectual property and data privacy. We also represent select influencers on endorsement agreements. 


  • Legal Support for National and Regional Campaigns, Including Commercial Tie-Ins, Sweepstakes, Contests, Discounts, Gift Cards, and Events

  • Agreements for Social Media Influencers, Vendors, and Promotional Tie-Ins

  • Compliance with Government and Contractual Requirements, Including FTC Regulations and COPPA

  • Implementing Training and Monitoring Program for Influencers as Required by FTC

  • Contest and Sweepstakes Rules, Entry Forms, Abbreviated Rules, and Prize Winner Forms

  • Summaries of Contractual Obligations/Restrictions and Billing Blocks

  • Legal Review of Marketing Materials


Even as distribution platforms evolve, music remains a central component of successful entertainment projects, and our music team possesses the knowledge, experience, and contacts to assist clients in this specialized area. We are well-equipped to handle composer, artist, producer, songwriter, supervisor, and license agreements for new projects as well as analyze and secure music rights in new media for existing assets.

  • Music Agreements for Theatrical, Television, Digital, and Animation Projects, Including for Composers, Recording Artists, Songwriters, and Music Supervisors

  • Music Clearances and Licensing

  • Music Rights Analysis for Legacy Productions

  • Soundtrack Album Agreements

  • Publishing Administration

  • Performing Rights Administration

  • Royalty Collections and Distributions


Opportunities to monetize content do not stop once the film is “in the can.” Like our clients, we take a 360° approach and believe the effective exploitation of ancillary rights through merchandising, publishing, videogames, mobile apps, and even live stage productions is more vital than ever. Our lawyers have practical experience advising clients on the extent of their rights and ultimately drafting agreements that maximize revenue.


  • Separated Rights Analysis

  • Merchandising

  • Publishing

  • Videogames

  • Mobile Apps

  • Stage Plays


Our clients are as varied as the issues they bring to us, but what they share is a need for sound legal counsel. From the perspective of television and feature productions, we have institutional and firsthand knowledge in negotiating and drafting personal services agreements for writers, directors, producers, and actors. With art and entertainment taking so many forms today, we are fortunate to be able to advise clients across a wide spectrum of media and disciplines including musicians, artists, and social media influencers.


  • Writers

  • Directors

  • Producers

  • Actors

  • Unscripted TV Participants

  • Podcast, Radio and TV Hosts

  • Musicians

  • Graphic Artists

  • Photographers

  • Social Media Influencers


We offer general counsel services to growing businesses. From drafting and negotiating contracts with business partners, clients and service providers to crafting e-commerce best practices to creating influencer marketing agreements, we help senior management handle general day-to-day legal needs. Having represented clients in a broad range of industries, our versatile attorneys have diverse backgrounds and are prepared to help clients conduct their activities legally, mitigate risk with compliant policies and procedures, and resolve issues in a cost-effective manner.   

  • Counsel Senior Management on Legal Issues and Risk

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Agreements with Partners, Clients, and Third Party Service Providers

  • Employment Law Guidance

  • Pre-Litigation Dispute Resolution

  • Outside Attorney Referral and Management for Specialized Legal Matters


Our clients recognize data privacy as not only a serious challenge, but also an opportunity to enhance their brand value by protecting customers’ personal information. Our attorneys help clients comply with the rapidly changing landscape of federal and state laws, industry standards and far-reaching rules and regulations from various off-shore jurisdictions. We work with our clients on creating and implementing best practices for managing personal information, preparing privacy policies and programs for online content and services, properly structuring vendor agreements and other IT transactions, addressing data subject rights and mitigating other privacy-related concerns faced by businesses today.

  • Development of Privacy and Risk Management Strategies

  • Compliance with Industry and Regulatory Standards, Including CCPA and GDPR

  • Preparation of Privacy Policies and Programs

  • Management of Consumer/Data Subject Requests Under Applicable Privacy law.






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